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May, the return of the sun and fertility! Come and dance to life beating again...

May has finally arrived, bringing the sunshine that paves the way for summer! The flowers are already everywhere, and the fine weather is inviting us to get out and socialise, full of the desire to live life to the full!

At that moment, we can feel a new energy stirring inside, an energy that wakes us up and invites us to enjoy life, to take pleasure, to breathe in the warm air and feel the sun exchanging its photons with our skin, bringing back colour and vitality. All this inspires creativity and invites us to interact with others and with the magnificent green nature that surrounds us!

Le mois de mai est enfin arrivé en apportant le soleil qui ouvre le chemin vers l'été !

What we feel as spring approaches is the awakening of the creative life energy, our inner fire that rises from the base of the spine to our vision centres and the top of the head, the life energy that connects our body with our spirit, in a perfect sacred marriage between earth and sky, in us and through us! (Kundalini) After a long period of tension caused by the condensed vital energy, in winter, its release and expansion follow, like a cascade of vibrant, warm energy that spreads throughout the body through its physical-energetic channels. This can be a truly orgasmic moment when we allow the natural flow of life to occur in our inner universe, and, as a result, we feel prosperity and an abundance of joie de vivre. The Cacao ceremony will help us open the doors to our feeling. To find out more about the science behind Ceremonial Cacao follow the link

The ancient essence of the May 1st celebration, dancing life back into being...

Life is simply the pleasure found in the dance of polarities in all the directions of time and space where they meet! This is the ancestral essence of the celebration of May 1st, which has nothing to do with the famous Labour Day and invites us to dance at our next Cacao Transdance Ceremony to be held on that date. The ancient peoples of this region, who lived in profound fusion with nature and the cycles of life, took advantage of this awakened creative vital energy, which is in fact sexual energy itself, to increase the fertility of the earth and thus guarantee the fertility of the herds, the women, the family and the abundance of the harvests.

According to historians, many peoples such as the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used to perform sexual unions on ploughed fields as a form of ritual dedicated to the earth to attract fertility, an offering of its creative sexual energy to the Great Mother. The best-known rituals from this period are called Beltaine and Floralia.


The Beltaine ritual?

Beltaine, which means "the return of the sun", is the Gaelic celebration of May 1st, one of the 4 most important times in the Celtic calendar, and one of the most present in European folklore.

La danse des saisons et le calendrier celtique

Historically, it has been widely observed in Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man. The ancient Celts believed that the sun was held captive during the winter months only to be released each spring to rule the summer sky and they celebrated this mythical release with fire ceremonies and a great festival to mark the occasion. In this Celtic version of May Day, rituals were performed to protect livestock, crops and people, and to encourage growth. Nowadays, it is common to have folk festivals where people dance around ribbons, dressed in flowers. It can also be represented by dances around large bonfires that signify the sun, whose power blesses and protects families and their agricultural produce.

The Floralia Ritual?

le rituel de floralia

The Romans marked the occasion over two millennia ago with the Floralia, or Festival of Flora, a five-day ceremony to honour the goddess of flowers, vegetation and fertility.

The Floralia festival was marked by dance and theatre performances, which often included mimes, nude actresses and actors, competitions, circus shows and a sacrifice to Flora. Perhaps the most remarkable Roman dance was the one instituted in honour of Flora. It was originally a simple, naive dance, expressing the joy of youth at the return of spring.


In ancient times, there was no separation between religion and pleasure, between the body and spirituality, between sex and the sacred. This break occurred recently (if we compare the whole of human history) in the Middle Ages, when the Christian colonisation of the indigenous peoples of Europe, and later of the Americas, introduced the idea of sin and invented paganism.

of Europe, and later of the Americas, installed the idea of sin and invented paganism. Even today, we are contaminated by these beliefs and judgements about the body and pleasure, unconsciously creating a moral, psycho-emotional and even physical aversion to anything to do with the body's pleasurable sensations. This affects our ability to feel and encourages the rationalisation of life. Even spiritual seekers find it difficult to connect truly and deeply with their spiritual being because of the neglect of the body as the sacred temple of the spirit and the ignorance of the true unity that is sought and only achieved by integrating the body!

Well, if the body is our greatest heritage and the temple of our reign as co-creators in this physical reality, if we want to express our maximum creative potential, experience unity and be complete, prosperous and happy beings, connection with the body is the first step. Even before any philosophical, metaphysical or mystical study, even before any knowledge, we must learn to be. And we can only be through the physical body - that's its sacred nature. Welcoming, feeling and loving the body, caring for it, respecting it and giving it pleasure are all part of this journey, and dance is the key that unites all the doors to this reconnection.

Through sacred dance, which is a spontaneous dance, full of presence and free from judgement or conditioning, dance in prayer, we bring our polarities together in an internal sacred marriage, revitalise your physical body, feel the pleasure of life and breathe in creativity! Dance activates your feelings and silences your thoughts. It's your greatest medicine! This is our invitation to every Transdance Cacao Ceremony.

In this next edition of the Transdance & CacaoCeremony,

We will give even greater priority to awareness of the body as the temple and home of our creative power. We will dance in devotion to the Earth Goddess, in devotion to our own sacred body, in prayer for the awakening of the consciousness of each of our cells, practising love through action, through feeling, through dance!

To find out more about the next ceremony, visit our website at

Bienvenue à la danse de l’amour !

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