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Light Language, the intangible ingredient in the Cacao Ceremony recipe

Hello everyone, and once again we'd like to thank all those who accompanied and followed us at the TransDance Cacao Ceremony! Without you, it wouldn't exist ;-)

Today, I wanted to answer a frequent question we receive about our ceremony. Many people would like to know what ingredients make up Cacao, and today I'm going to tell you a little about the preparation of this ancestral medicine and the intangible ingredient in the Cacao Ceremony recipe.

I'm used to say that 50% of the effect of this drink comes from the cocoa and 50% from the person preparing it.

The characteristics of the plant to be taken into account are the geographical origin, the production methods, the technology used and the intention of the producer. We use cocoa that we source from Brazil, produced in an agro-ecological way, with rustic technologies that preserve the nature of the food by keeping it raw during the process. What's more, it's a cocoa produced especially for ceremonies, and you realise this immediately when you drink it.

We utilizes Cacao producted on Agroecological sistems, in respect of nature and human beings. Our cacao cames from Brazil and is prepareted specially for Cacao ceremonies.
Cacao seeds

However, the sacred drink made from cocoa takes other ingredients: water and a few spices, which make up the material elements, and the personal magic of the person preparing it, the immaterial elements that make up the remaining 50% of the recipe. This makes all the difference in the more subtle dimensions.

The details of this preparation are usually taught to those who feel the call to become medicine keepers and conduct their own ceremonies. I felt the call to reveal one of them, because this ingredient is important to be aware of and can be used by everyone, in all of life's ceremonies.

This ingredient is the Language of Light, which was passed on to me during my period of consecration to the study of Mayan initiations.

And what is the LightLanguage ?

une Femme entourée du Langage de la Lumière qui est la communication de la vie

The Language of Light is the communication of life. The ancient Mayans understood the universe as a network of coloured geometric shapes that manifest everything that exists.

Learning the language of light allows us to transform and create reality in tune with the universe, to stimulate growth in any area of life, to raise frequency and power to expand possibilities as lightworkers.

For more information, follow this link

My name is Natashia Moraes, and on 25 September and 8 October I will be teaching the Language of Light for the first time here in Belgium. I am honoured and very grateful to be an initiated teacher in a lineage of Mayan Masters from Mexico and I am delighted to link ancient and modern knowledge to provide you with a deep understanding of spiritual science. The classes will take place in the same room you already know, Eywa, in Baisy Thy.

If you want to expand your tools, are interested in ancient science and wisdom or want to know more about ancient Mayan practices, then please feel free to contact me by emailing You can also go directly to the event page for more information and to register if you wish:

Cercle de partage lors du Cacao Ceremony
Cacao Ceremony

And get ready for the next Transdance & Cacao Ceremony, which will probably take place on 24 September. You'll be receiving more information soon! May you enjoy summer in abundance, soaking up the light and warmth to follow the solar journey to the next solstice!

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