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TransDance, an enlightening ritual that transcends our individual selves...

TransDance serves as a transformative journey, guiding us toward self-awareness and healing by employing various elements that accelerate our spiritual growth. Through intuitive movement, healing music with rhythmic qualities, mindful breathing, and the utilization of blindfolds, we enter a state of trance-like spiritual awakening, releasing tensions and obstructions, ultimately leading us to achieve physical, mental, and spiritual equilibrium and well-being.

Intuitive movement emerges when we allow ourselves to be free to express ourselves in a free-flowing manner, allowing movement to occur devoid of personal will. To accomplish this, we must let go of our identities, detach from our memories, and surrender, thereby transforming dance into an act of creation and self-expression.

In the words of Osho, "Forget the dancer, the center of your ego, and be the dance...".

Dance serves as a means to manifest our realities, experiences, and insights. During TransDance, we encourage unrestricted and instinctive movements, relinquishing attachment to external perceptions. This deepens our inward exploration, unveiling new realms within ourselves, and establishing a connection with the profound mystery inherent in our existence.

The primary objective of TransDance revolves around healing and enriching our personal and spiritual evolution. Dance has been an intrinsic part of human civilization since ancient times. Initially, it was practiced predominantly for worship and healing, paying homage to deities during rituals that celebrated the fertility of the Earth and women, as well as the joy of life. Some cultures expressed gratitude towards nature and its elements, considering them as manifestations of the divine. Emulating the sounds and movements of nature served as a means to establish a spiritual connection. These were the origins of the dance. Across various continents, cultures have simultaneously translated the sounds, rhythms, and movements of nature into dance and music, exemplifying its immense power and authenticity. People danced to commune with the spirits of the sun, animals, and plants, or to attain an altered state of consciousness that unveiled glimpses of the future. Through these ritualistic dances, they believed that nature's spirits bestowed upon them qualities such as courage and compassion. For countless years, shamanic and Eastern cultures have employed ritualistic journeys as a pathway to the soul. Dancing in a trance state allows individuals to connect with the healing forces of the spirit. The inclusion of cocoa in certain ceremonies further facilitates this profound experience. The blindfold serves as a conduit to access our inner spirit, soul, and intuition. It enables us to focus solely on our inner experiences or visions, temporarily suspending the presence of others. Through this practice, we gain access to the unveiled truth presented by our spirit. It allows us to connect with the enigmatic nature of our being, transcending the linear world where time and space cease to exist. In essence, we vanish, distancing ourselves from obstacles, and empowering us to transmute and transcend.

TransDance offers a means for us to connect with the profound enigma that lies within us and the boundless realm beyond linear time and space. By engaging in this transformative practice, we are able to transcend our troubles and unravel seemingly unsolvable problems. When we align our thoughts and experiences, our consciousness undergoes a profound metamorphosis. It is not necessary to fully grasp or comprehend; delving too deeply distorts the message. Instead, we establish a unique connection with our spirit in a heightened state. For centuries, spiritual dance has served as a conduit for our relationship with Mother Earth and the universe. It has been a medium through which we can pray and express gratitude to the Creator, resonating with their rhythm. Dance has always been instrumental in nurturing our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Within TransDance, music plays a vital role as it serves as our vehicle for this transformative journey. Each piece is carefully chosen to facilitate our "inner journey," which extends beyond the confines of conventional perceptions of time and space. The rhythm embodies a pulsating movement or wave that traverses various states and elements such as femininity, masculinity, release, inner child, and self-discovery. TransDance extends an invitation to celebrate life and embrace our true selves. It offers a path to release blockages, tap into our intuition, and reconnect with our innate creativity.

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