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The Choice of Songs at the TransDance&CacaoCeremony

Music isn't just a backdrop, it's the common thread running through the experience, the soul that guides our movements and emotions. That's why it's as important as the quality of our cacao. Music in our ceremonies is a sacred and indispensable ingredient. The choice of music requires great sensitivity and therefore special attention.

We choose the music carefully, based on several criteria. It's a process that sometimes takes several days to achieve the desired alchemy.

Here's how we choose the music to bring you an unforgettable sensory journey:

1. Season: With each change of season, nature moves us with its unique presence and invites us to a new dance. Each time of year uniquely inspires us, adding new melodies to our inner symphony. So each event has its playlist, meticulously crafted to magnify the present moment.

2. Genre diversity: Our playlists incorporate a variety of genres ranging from meditative music to world music, embracing ancestral rhythms. This diversity enriches the experience and allows everyone to find their harmony. We also believe that each piece of music is a fresh opportunity to be creative and express oneself in a different way.

3. Vibrational quality: Each track is carefully chosen for its vibrational quality and its ability to create a harmonious atmosphere. We prioritize sounds that connect you to yourself, nature, and others.

4. Flow and energy: We arrange the music in alignment with the ceremony's energy. From gentle and introspective beginnings to moments of intense emotional release, each phase is complemented by tracks that resonate with the mood. The choice of music is also influenced by the seasons, as mentioned above, as nature is a key element in our ceremony.

5. Inspiring Artists: We search for artists who inspire us through their music. We are seeking unique creations that add a new dimension to every event.

(To the left, we have Carioca de Freitas, a virtuoso Brazilian musician who conducts magnificent works of connection through music, a great friend, and a teacher. He is almost always present at our ceremonies because he immediately leads us to a portal of high vibration.)

6. Return to the Source: By integrating ancestral rhythms and melodies, we honor the traditions and cultures that have used music as a portal for healing and celebration for centuries.

7. Moments of Silence: Silence also has its place in our ceremonies. It allows the music to resonate more deeply and provides moments of pure presence and contemplation.

Join us for the upcoming TransDance&Cacao Ceremony and let yourself be carried away by a carefully curated musical selection to elevate your spirit and nourish your soul!

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