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The origins of TransDance?

TransDance is a ritual that has been practiced by various cultures around the world for centuries. Its primary purpose is to connect with the Divine and celebrate life by offering one's body as a vessel for God. In some places, it is also used as a form of healing, transforming behaviors, or as a prayer to achieve specific goals.

Although each culture had its own unique variation of the ritual, they all shared a common belief in the body as a sacred temple. While modern society values logical and structured thinking, in ancient times, the body held a central role in experiencing emotions, serving as the framework for life and a source of spiritual wisdom.

Une participante entrain de danser et célébrer la vie..
TransDance & CacaoCeremony

TransDance, alongside other sacred ceremonies like the ancient Maya and Aztec cocoa ceremony and drum wheels, serves as a means to deepen one's connection with the divine, spirituality, and the sacred through the body itself. The trance dance is a pivotal moment in this ritual, which is why it is named as such. The key to unlocking this transformative experience lies in the rhythmic beats of the drums.

The power of the drums resonates within the energy field, affecting both the body and psyche. Our brain has four distinct rhythmic vibrations known as beta, alpha, theta, and delta, each associated with specific biological functions. When exposed to sounds of varying frequencies, a fascinating phenomenon occurs. The left hemisphere of the brain, responsible for rational and linear thinking, is unable to process polyrhythms and temporarily shuts down, leading to a state resembling a system crash.

La transdance élargit la conscience et procure un sentiment de connexion, bien-être, joie et plénitude.
Transdance & Cacao Ceremony

TransDance expands consciousness, fostering a deep sense of connection, well-being, joy, and fulfillment. It is the moment when the left and right hemispheres of the brain come together, creating a trance-like state. This state of mind expands consciousness, leading to feelings of ecstasy, wholeness, well-being, and connection.

How does TransDance & Cacao Ceremony work?

The TransDance we practice today is an innovative blend of ancient and traditional rituals with contemporary, multi-ethnic, and multicultural elements. It is an amalgamation of different times and cultures, bringing together the sacred and the profane in a transformative experience.

Cacao Ceremony Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Cérémonie de Cacao sacrée

The TransDance leads us to experience a transformation in our perception of ourselves, a transcendence of the limits of our original programming that defines us, and allows for the

expansion of our consciousness. To achieve this, we utilize medicines that we have a deep connection with, such as cacao, high-frequency vibrational energy, and music. In the upcoming articles, we will delve deeper into the medicine of cacao and the frequencies of healing. In this text, our focus remains on the power of sound and its ability to bring about transformation. TransDance is a journey that touches us at various levels. In the realm of music, we blend different types of music. We begin by awakening the body and calming the mind with more "feminine" tunes, and then transition to more masculine and percussive beats to warm up the body. We then move through different chaotic rhythms that activate the element of fire, inspiring movements, letting go, and enhancing the energizing and stimulating effects of cacao, facilitating the transmission of this vital energy activated by the creative expression of the body. This immersion into the body through rhythm provides a counter to what we typically experience. In our everyday lives, we tend to be more rational and treat our bodies as mere vehicles for carrying out tasks dictated by the brain. In many cases, we don't even consciously notice our bodies

unless our lack of attention causes us to stumble, bump into objects, or experience postural pain or digestive issues. Therefore, when we disconnect the cerebral networks from psychomotor control through chaotic rhythms, the body takes center stage, and in that moment, we expand our capacity to feel and perceive life from a different angle. The trance takes us to a state of ecstasy and expression freedom, free from the conditioning of automatic brain patterns. We can discover who we truly are without our previous references and simply exist in the present moment. The subsequent stages of the dance experience introduce additional sonic ingredients to broaden inspiration and diversify the creative experience. World music, folk rhythms, ethnic tunes, as well as modern sounds, all come together to incorporate other elements such as the fluidity of water, grounding of the earth, and the lightness of air. In this musical mix, we embark on an alchemical and timeless journey, filled with emotions, sensations, and pleasure.

At the end of the journey, the participants should feel relaxed, happy, and awakened. A participant at the end of the Transdance ritual with a cocoa ceremony, enjoying the moment of simply being, feeling relaxed, happy, and awakened. During Transdance and cocoa ceremony, they may experience an increase in their body awareness and sensitivity to various stimuli. They may discover within themselves a space of silence, life, and light, where ideas and answers to their questions arise. They appreciate the moment as an opportunity to simply exist. Of

Une participante à la fin du rituel de Transdance avec cérémonie de cacao qui apprécie le moment de simplement être, détendue, heureuse, éveillée
Transdance & cacao cérémonie

course, all these realizations depend on each individual's willingness to open up to themselves and let go

of their usual control. They can then feel their cells pulsating and their body vibrating in resonance with the music, experiencing a sense of dissolving into space, dancing together as a celestial body.


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