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The dance of the inner sun

And summer has finally arrived! Smiles are plastered all over the faces, people are getting closer, encounters are intensifying.

The summer solstice is a celebration of the triumph of light over darkness. The long days play out in the gardens, squares and fields like a young man full of life and the creative strength to venture out, to clear frontiers and reap his victories. It's a season marked by masculine strength, inviting us to activate the king, warrior, father and son within us.

Célébration du triomphe de la lumière sur l'obscurité

Ancient peoples celebrated this passage by cultivating male gods and venerating their qualities as protectors of cultures and families, their festive personalities, their youth and their joy. Horses, swords and horns were symbols used in these celebrations to represent the virility of these gods.

Les peuples anciens célébraient ce passage en cultivant des dieux masculins

The ancient Druids already knew that the fire of the sun that allowed the exuberance of life to reign on earth also represented the light of consciousness, intelligence and creativity awakened in every human being. The season of light is the right time to evoke our personal power, to realise where we are still hiding from ourselves and the world, and to call upon our personal warrior to take charge of our personality. It's a time to reconcile with our inner father and follow his direction, the one that emerges from our spark of consciousness connected to the Universe.

Le Transdance & Cacao Ceremony nous invite à danser notre lumière

The Transdance & Cacao Ceremony in June invites us to dance our light, the dance of the inner sun, opening our bodies to fearlessly express our unique exuberance, preparing us for the first harvest of the victory of all that we have sown, cultivated and nurtured so far, both in our private world and in our material lives (work, prosperity, relationships, personal power).

Let's exalt the joy of living, the ecstasy of the body in movement, and create more space for the pleasure and lightness of the soul! Come and share your unique presence in this dance!

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