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Sat, Apr 13



TransDance & CacaoCeremony (Eywa / Baisy-Thy)

A triple ceremony that brings together three medicines: sacred cacao, dance and natural cycles. The TransDance&Cacao ceremony is a source of inspiration to explore your inner self and transcend your limits.

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TransDance & CacaoCeremony (Eywa / Baisy-Thy)
TransDance & CacaoCeremony (Eywa / Baisy-Thy)

Time & Location

Apr 13, 2024, 7:30 PM – 10:30 PM GMT+2

Eywa, Rue Tabaral 12, 1470 Genappe, Belgique


About the event

The TransDance & Cacao Ceremony offers a magical experience combining three medicines that complement each other harmoniously: cacao, dance/music and the rhythms of nature. Together, they transport us into a natural dance of life and enable us to reconnect with our whole being: body, heart and mind.

Cacao, a sacred ancestral beverage made from pure, raw cacao, water and spices, opens the doors to our heart and allows us to connect with our inner creativity, our deepest essence, our most intimate sensations...

Meditation and silence help us live in the moment, integrate experience and discover understanding beyond reason.

Dance and cocoa free us from old patterns to open up new paths in our lives.

We'll begin this adventure with a sacred circle where we'll pay homage to the medicine of cocoa. Together, we'll drink this delicious beverage after having charged it with our intentions - for ourselves, for others, for the earth and for the universe. We'll lead a meditation to facilitate our connection with our heart, our center and the present moment.

Then we'll continue our inner journey through music, dance and the alchemy of aromas...

Finally, we wrap ourselves in silence, allowing us to integrate this experience and deepen our understanding.

The TranceDance & Cacao Ceremony Special edition for Women was born from the profound connection of the Sacredness of the Grandmother Earth and the guidance of the Cacao Goddesses who inspire Natashia to share Cacao medicine only with women, creating a sacred space for us to share our gifts, through powerful ceremonies that express millenary wisdom in sacred circles, traveling on a journey to connect deeply with oneself, commune with our soul corps-spirit-heart, honoring inner sanctuaries and facing fears.

The intention guiding these women's ceremonies is simple: to harmonize the pulsation of our hearts with intentions for the dance, fortifying not only our essence but also enhancing creative force, weaving together life veins into an intricate tapestry of life experience. Together, we are more wise. In full bodily presence, we find unparalleled inner strength. Through the medicine of Cacao, our heart Illuminate and discern clearly under the maternal benevolence of this former guardian.


  • Just

    Fairest price based on what this work represents for us. This includes preparation, logistics, a high-quality ceremony lasting around 3 hours, several speakers and also all the care we take in the choice of music, guidance, healing work and the smallest detail.. .

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  • Abundant

    It allows the organizers to be remunerated and the Transdance to be organized again. You also help another person's participation by compensating the price he/she was unable to pay.

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